Azilda CAN Meeting Wednesday October 10th, 2018

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Azilda CAN will take place at 6:30 pm on October 10th, 2018 at the Lionel E. Lalonde Centre on Montee Principale in Azilda.

Officials from the City of Greater Sudbury will be on hand to provide a short informational presentation and answer any questions your members may have about the upcoming elections.  Staff will be able to make changes to the Voters’ List or register voters as well.
The Azilda CAN coordinated and participated in several events in 2017 – 2018 including the Greater Sudbury Police Home Run for kids, Rayside Balfour Days, Rick McDonald Golf Tournament, Rayside Balfour Youth Center Golf Tournament, Pumpkin Patrol, Azilda Safe Halloween and the Pumpkin Parade. These events were a huge success. The CAN continued our beautification efforts focusing on our adopted spots or bus stops. The Azilda CAN continued to help the City with direction on their ongoing improvements to Lovers Rock at Whitewater Lake Park with aesthetic improvements, work on the existing trails and the installation of benches installed throughout the site during 2017.

Come out and get involved in your community!

Richard L. Paquette at 705-698-7443 or by email at

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